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(While asking Karl to discuss his earliest memory)
Steve: I remember I must have been about two, sitting on a potty surrounded by lego. I remember that. Very strong image I have of that.
Karl: No, I don’t remember that.
Steve: You wouldn’t remember that, would you?
Ricky: No, you weren’t there! What do you mean? You don’t remember Steve sitting on the potty surrounded by lego?
Karl: No, I mean, I can’t remember having a potty. I remember having one…
Steve: I’m not suggesting you’d have the same memory!
Ricky: No, you used to go in a fucking litter tray to eat a tic tac while you’re having a shit!

Ben Franklin: Hoarder.

It’s sort of [like] sticking a plaster over a hole, or something. If the plaster comes off, it’s a problem again.

Mark Twain

No! You’re not having another sandwich!

Karl Pilkington, the greatest philosopher of our time.

I wrote a poem about today’s news…